“I’ve had the pleasure to work with the ArtsCharlotte leadership & members in different situations, and am always impressed with their giving hearts.The creatives behind ArtsCharlotte are talented, generous, and loving individuals who are actively involved in making our community better. Regardless of the specifics, these folks encourage and engage, motivated by the desire to help all – including the less fortunate.”

Carmella JarviGlass Artist – Entrepreneur

“ArtsCharlotte serves as one of the prime example of Culture Care at work. As an affiliate of global IAMCultureCare movement, ArtsCharlotte brings needed nurture and rejuvenation of Charlotte culture. We are delighted to partner with them.”

Makoto Fujimura, Artist, Vision Director of Brehm Center, founder of IAMCultureCare

“ArtsCharlotte represents the best of what art can be and become: a voice for the voiceless, a vision of hope, healing for the disenfranchised, and a celebration of the rich visual culture in the city of Charlotte. The city is fortunate to have this dedicated group helping it see more clearly both the heritage and the possible future of cultural blessings in its midst.”

Bruce Herman, Artist, Lothlórien Distinguished Chair in Fine Arts, Gordon College

“Involving and educating our entire Charlotte community with art is an immense need. God calls us to Love our neighbors, and serve others, and that is exactly what ArtsCharlotte is doing for our community. Sharing the spiritual divinity and connectedness you can discover through art, and all the lessons that unfold from that. We’ve loved the support and prayers ArtsCharlotte has provided Sozo, and our city is fortunate to have this arts programming.”

Hannah Blanton, Owner, Sozo Gallery, Charlotte

“As a professional dance artist, director and choreographer, I am called and surrendered to the task of cultural artistic caregiving. So what does that really mean? Bottom line, it means creatively caring for and loving people more than art itself.
This is why I enthusiastically endorse and bless the work and mission of ArtsCharlotte, an organization of artists who personify this definition of cultural artistic caregiving. The creatives and craftsmen in ArtsCharlotte understand that the most glorious aspects of the arts are found within their restorative and redemptive virtues, so human and so wondrously divine.”

Randall Flinn, Founder/Artistic Director,
Ad Deum Dance Company, 
Houston, Texas

“More than ever, the healing nature of the arts is desperately needed in our cities and communities. ArtsCharlotte is quickly becoming a vital cultural hub for the city of Charlotte, North Carolina. It is a wonderful organization for anyone wishing to connect with the arts and help nurture the soul of the city. Whether you’re a professional artist or someone who’s discovering art for the first time, ArtCharlotte is a welcoming place of encouragement, connection and action. In the coming months, creative projects and events are being planned to employ the arts in a variety of ways with a number of underserved populations in the larger metropolitan area. This is significant work that has the potential to lift spirits  and transform lives. I wholeheartedly endorse ArtsCharlotte!”

Barry Krammes, Center for Christianity, Culture and the Arts at Biola University

“ArtsCharlotte is a incredible organization in Charlotte and I encourage you as artists’ or artist supporters to look further into this organization. ArtPop strongly feels part of the ArtsCharlotte family and we love the work they do in our community to encourage the collaboration of artists and for artists to be heard. We are so proud to say that one of the core members of the ArtsCharlotte staff is Leigh B. Williams and Leigh was a featured artists in the 2014 #ArtPopCLT program! Truly this organization is a kindred spirit of ours!”

Wendy Hickey, Executive Director & Founder, ArtPop Street Art Gallery

“One of the best ways to love a great city is to remind it that it was meant to be greater yet. In so many ways, Charlotte represents the best life the world has to offer. And in the midst of it, ArtsCharlotte stirs up longings the world can never satisfy. God bless them for it.”

Jonathan Rogers, Author and Head of Program, New College Franklin

“ArtsCharlotte is a genuinely positive force in our city’s creative landscape. Their passion, generosity and talent deliver a triumvirate of artistic service for Charlotteans of all backgrounds — and Charlotte is a better place because of it. I’m a huge fan.”

Matt Olin, Host, CreativeMornings/Charlotte

“Every city should have an ArtsCharlotte, an organization that draws artists, organizations and churches together in dialog to encourage and nurture both the artists and the arts.  It is remarkable how much ArtsCharlotte has accomplished in such a short time to connect and interact with the community on so many levels.”

Sandra Bowden, Artist and Collector, CIVA Board Member

“If beauty is oxygen for the soul, then ArtsCharlotte is creating critical channels for that oxygen to flow to the soul of our city. Being an artist can be an isolating vocation, particularly as a Christian, but ArtsCharlotte is helping artists here in Charlotte connect to each other, to the church, and to an interested public. We have deeply appreciated our partnership with ArtsCharlotte, and I hope more individuals and organization have the privilege of benefiting from their life-giving, kingdom-minded mission.”

Wes Vander Lugt, Lead Pastor, Warehouse 242